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About Us

ST DAVID PARTY HOUSE burst onto the scene in early 1998 and has been blowing clients away with its innovative, stylish and exciting approach to the art of event decoration ever since.

Here at ST DAVID BALLOONING, we realize that each event is a unique and individual expression of either the host, guest of honor or the actual purpose of the event.
Therefore, we offer our clients various levels of service that is custom tailored to their individual needs from simply providing stunning décor to assisting in the entire event planning process.
Several elements make for a successful event. Our mission is to bring all of these elements together and create an environment that is one of a kind to you and to provide your guests with a fabulous, exciting and memorable experience that is your event.


We design and decorate events with our striking and unique balloon bouquets, eye catching balloon arches, columns and sculptures.
ST David BALLOON is a fun and creative environment. Our talented team is composed of balloon artists, graphic designers, and corporate professionals with several years of experience within the special event industry.

Our imagination has no limit, our designs are unique and our service is impeccable.We absolutely love what we do and that passion is demonstrated within the events that we produce. ST DAVID BALLOONING offers event planning, decoration and balloon delivery service.

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